Cold Mix Emulsion

Juno Cold Mix Emulsions are customized emulsions. They are epically customized for working for OGPC, Seal Coat, Sand Seal, SDBC, BM, MSS, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing and Patch Repair Work. Cold mixes made with emulsions provide users with greater flexibility compared to the hot mix alternatives, which must be kept hot and bring additional costs when work is delayed. A Cold mix is defined as a mixture of bitumen emulsion and aggregate that is mixed together at ambient temperature. Bitumen emulsion being liquid at room temperature, there is no need to heat or dry the mineral aggregate. Cold mix is useful in the areas, where there is long distance between the job site and plant and temperature of climate is low and moderate ( <40 Degree). The versatility of cold mix allows it to be mixed in place at the job site as well as at the plant site and then transported to the job site.


Grades of Cold Mix Emulsions

  • 1. MS for Carpeting
  • 2. SS for Sealing
  • 3. Patch Mix