Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)

In order to add to efficiency, robustness and durability to roads, products like CRMB are used. Many companies globally are engaged in the production of CRMB. In the manufacture of CRMB, Crumb rubber is mechanically de-vulcanized partially and then treated with chemicals. The process involves modification of bitumen, which provides it additional strength like elasticity, enabling the road to bear heavy traffic, extreme weather condition etc. This process is carried out by flexing and mixing shears at high temperatures. Due to the various advantages of CRMB its demand is ever increasing. CRMB helps to increase the pavement life and also in reduction of maintenance cost.


CRMB is manufactured in three grades for different weather conditions:

  • CRMB 50
  • CRMB 55
  • CRMB 60