Micro Surfacing Emulsion (MSE)

The Microsurfacing bitumen emulsion is manufactured using Polymer or rubber Latex with bitumen emulsion. This emulsion is mixed with well grated mineral aggregate, water filler and additive proportionately and uniformly spread over a properly prepared surface area. The mix is to be of quick setting system i.e it should be able to receive traffic after a short period of time preferably within one hour of its laying.


It is applied on existing pavement surface which is structurally sound but are showing signs of functional distress such as loss riding quality, cracking and polishing. Generally microsurfacing is laid in single lane but when the existing surface is highly polished and/or cracked, it is advisable to apply it in two or more layers. Microsurfacing can be used for surface treatments on roads, taxiways and runways.

As a surface treatment microsurfacing, imparts protection to the underlying pavement and provide renewed surface. Special emulsifiers in micro surfacing emulsions contribute to the quick setting characteristics. It helps in preservation of pavement strength and can be used both as a preventive maintenance treatment or and periodic renewal treatment

  • Quick application
  • Minimum traffic Hold up (Work is done in lane wise manner) quick opening to traffic.
  • Life span exceeds the life span of ordinary Bituminous concrete
  • Non Polluting for environment since no heating is required
  • Does not require sensor paver or compaction equipment
  • Longer life since oxidation is reduced
  • Waterproof surface-Protection from rains
  • Ideal for surface sealing treatments since it improves skid resistant and provides surface durability
  • Does not increase pavement height significantly
  • Cost effective as compared to hot mix (Almost 40% saving in cost)